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Who Invented Insurance Anyway?

Insurance has been around as long as any of us can remember. But who actually invented insurance? The answer may surprise you.

Common Senior Micronutrient Deficiencies

As we age, our appetites decline along with our activity levels. This often makes it difficult for seniors to get all the proper micronutrients they need for proper health resulting in a deficiency that can impact their wellbeing.

The Art of Aging Well

The art of aging well can be as simple of taking a first small step. We look at five ways you can start aging smartly by posting this 30-day challenge.

Insure What? Celebrity Body Parts Insured

For most people, insurance is purchased to cover assets like homes or vehicles. But for celebrities, their most valuable asset is themselves. Check out how much these ten celebrities insure themselves for.

Using HSAs in Your Retirement Planning

There more to health savings accounts than meets the eye. Commonly used to pay for medical costs today, HSAs can be used as a strategic retirement tool taking advantage of some the most beneficial tax benefits available.

6 Strange Insurance Policies You Can Buy

We found six weird insurance policies where not only are insurance companies marketing them, but people are buying them. Which one is your favorite?

How Valuable Is Cash Value Life Insurance?

The type of life insurance you purchase today will have a significant impact on your beneficiary in the future. Look and learn if cash value life insurance may be right for you.

Mistakes You Can Make When Exercising at Home

Working out at home has its benefits. Make sure you don’t fall into any of these bad habits which can sideline your efforts.

Why You Should Never Lie to the Underwriter

There are many reasons it may be tempting to lie on an application for life or health insurance. But there is one reason you should never lie.

Forget Salad Recipes, Try a Salad “Matrix”

Salads don’t have to be boring. By using a salad matrix, you may never again have the same salad twice!

Will My Life Insurance Policy Cover Me If Something Happens While Traveling?

You purchased life insurance to protect the ones you love. But what happens if death occurs while traveling? We answer that question and more in today’s blog post.

I’ve Been Denied a Life Insurance Policy. Now What?

Insurance underwriters can decline an application for numerous reasons. Just because your policy was denied, doesn’t mean there aren’t steps you can take and obtain the coverage you need today.

Bucket List Ideas and Why It’s Important

• Establishing a bucket list has many benefits. Here are the top five advantages of starting your own list including top tips to consider along the way.

Getting Fit Before the Medical Exam

We generally want to perform at our very best for an upcoming medical exam. Here are 10 tips of what to, and not to do before you visit your physician.

The Basics of Insurance APIs

There are age-specific milestones you need to be aware regardless of where you are in your retirement planning journey. We reveal each one from age 49 to 70.5.